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Website overhall!


I got bored and procrastinated a lot so i decided to redo my entire websites theme once again so now its a nice pinky magenta theme, i may change it again in the future just to make it less frilly since at the moment it feels a little too sterotypically girly

I also got the Old posts section fixed (sort of) I forgot to save my last 2 posts so they don't exist anymore :/ but from now on i should remember hopefully

This is sort of a short post for now, i will do longer ones in the future, planning to make a seperate section for emotional feely stuff so i can seperate it from projects and stuff i do that way if anyone who stumbles acrosss this wants to avoid seeing anything venty they can just see stuff i do rather than my mental breakdowns and etc

usually i have an image but idk what to put with this post so heres a photo of lain instead



"Lets all love lain!"